Who we are

Wikipronto is the online directory of  various Points of Interest, letting people from all over the world to share their favorite places  whether it is a a new shop, unusual museum, high qualified  school or a fantastic restaurant. Wikipronto offers the opportunity to give the description, to upload as many photos as you want and to leave any comment you wish. So far Wikipronto gives you the opportunity to share with the world Points of Interest in Australia, Ireland, Italy, the UK, Russia, Spain and the USA.

And that is not all! If you a true fan of a place you can adopt it and take care of  it. In case you are an owner of the business, Wikipronto let you manage the information about your business and communicate with your customers.

So whether you are just a happy consumer eager to share your  experience or a business owner just as much eager to be closer to your consumers, Wikipronto is here to help you!