Best places in Saint-Petersburg to take a nip


Saint-Petersburg is famous for a huge variety of bars offering a boundless range of alcoholic drinks whose origin extends from Mexico to Japan. Here is the list of most remarkable places where you will definitely find a drink to your liking.

El Copitas

Kolokolnaya St., 2

El Copitas is not an easy bar to enter. Hidden from ordinary passer-bys, this bar is open only three days a week and welcomes guests having an advanced reservation. But once you get inside this treasure chest, you’ll realize that the place is worth all your efforts. Here the focus is on tequila and mezcal and the opportunity to drink the latter makes this bar quite a rare place in the whole country. Mezcal is a strong alcoholic Mexican beverage based on agava with a pronounced smoky flavour.


Alongside these two options you can also choose between rum, whisky, gin and cachaca (Brazilian rum). Spirits are also used for making cocktails such as Margarita, Paloma or Old Fashioned. As snacks owners of the bar (and bartenders at the same time) offer traditional Mexican food – various soups, nachos, burritos and tacos. Apart from relaxed atmosphere of Latin-American siesta, El Copitas can brag about is prices because they are more than reasonable: drinks are no more than 400 roubles and food – 200 roubles.


Zhukovskogo St., 17

A bar with such ironical title is in a fact a classical bar in the sense that here you can find all that one can wish for: wine, beer, cocktails and spirits. Tipplers is a combination of American and British bar cultures laced with the one of Saint-Petersburg. The latter is expressed in cocktails being served simply in glass jars. Bartenders in Tipplers pay special attention to unusual serving: drinks are usually followed by some snacks or side dish.


On the menu you will find traditional cocktails as well as original ones like Mr. Vegan. This cocktail justifies its name because its main ingredient is grappa with the adding of celery, sweet pear, vanilla and lemon juice. In Tipplers experiments takes place not only behind the bar counter. The same approach was used for the decor: drums instead of chairs, as a source of light – mostly candles; jazz singer at the piano makes the whole atmosphere complete. Prices here are regular: 350-450 roubles for a cocktail and 150-500 roubles for spirits.


Italyanskaya St., 2

This cafe-bar offers different cocktails which can be divided into three main categories: not very strong shot-sets, twists of well-known cocktails and original ones. Almost all cocktails are made on the basis of fermented spirits: rum is fermented together with lime leaves, bourbon – with cherry, gin is infused with fresh raspberry. The wine list is impressive as well. The prices for wine vary from 180 roubles for a glass of unblended wine, the rest – 280 roubles for a glass.


Food also deserves a special mentioning. It looks like the chef wanted to please every possible customer for the menu comprises very diverse dishes: oysters and mussels, burgers, pasta, suchi and maki, grilled meat and fish, salads, snack and original desserts. Berlin is open almost 24/7, so you can have your breakfast starting 8-30 as well as late dinner because the kitchen closes only at 6 a.m.

Tesla Bar

Rubinshteina St., 30

The concentration of bars and restaurants in Rubinshteina Street is higher than anywhere else in the city. Tesla Bar is on this list because this place comprises food, drink and parties which are arranged here every weekend. On the menu you will find two types of drinks: traditional well-known cocktails and original ones. The latter comprise three types of shots (three served in one set) and three types of long drinks. All cocktails are followed by some sort of snack. Among “classical” cocktails you will find Old Fashioned, Espresso Martini, Ramos Gin Fizz and the price for all the cocktails is the same – 380 roubles.


Parties in Tesla Bar are organized every Friday and Saturday and for these occasions the owners invite DJs from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to perform. On the menu you will see mainly snacks: sandwiches, tapas, tacos, vegetable chips, croquettes but there is also place for some soups and meat and the owners promise to work on greater variety of dishes. Prices for food vary from 200 to 700 roubles.

Social Club

Rubinshteina St., 40

Another perfectly located place to have a good meal accompanied with fine drinks. What makes Social Club different from places listed above is the desire to create artistic atmosphere inviting musicians, actors and DJs to perform. The owners consider the restaurant as a place suitable for quiet pastime, heart-to-heart talks with your friends and various interesting activities which give food for thoughts.


Food and drinks here are beyond all praise. The wine list is rather unusual for it comprises almost 40 kinds of sparkling wine. The second distinctive feature of the by-the-glass list is that it contains several sections: Social Wine section contains wines that will suit a lively conversation, After Work Wine comprises wines that will help you to relax after work, Special Day Wine, as you may guess, are wines for special occasions and Meditation Wine section offers especially valuable wines which will help you to resign yourself to meditation. These wines are not accompanied with any food. The chefs of the restaurant enjoy experiments with tastes: on the menu you will see the Italian polenta, Japanese unagi sauce and a classical French croque sandwich. In addition, the prices are fairly reasonable which makes this restaurant a perfect place for a meal in a nice company.

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