Where to watch original language movies in Saint Petersburg

1.Angleter Cinema Lounge

This cinema is situated in a well-known hotel Angleter just in front of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. There you can see movies in their original language, with Russian subtitles. The program focuses on current films.

Tickets are quite expensive though. But the cinema is very beautiful with comfortable seats and big screen.

Tickets are bought inside the hotel, at the reception. So don’t be surprised. As the cinema is quite large there are always some seats. But if you want to see a premier on its first day at the evening, it’s better to book tickets in advance.


2. Dom Kino

This cinema is situated near the metro Gostiny Dvor. Dom Kino offers many films in original languages. It is famous for showing both current films as well as arty and documentary films. Tickets cost much less then in Angleter, however the cinema itself is not that beautiful (kind of a Soviet style building). There are two floors. On the first floor, there is a huge cinema hall, whilst upstairs there are several cinema halls that are rather small.


3. Avrora

This cinema has a long story. It was opened in 1913 year and since then it looks like a theater rather than a cinema. You can watch films there in their original languages with Russian subtitles. They show also both current and arty films. Tickets cost differently depending on the time when you want to see films. In the morning are the cheapest ones, whilst in the evening tickets cost are rather expensive. It is better to buy tickets in advance.

The cinema has several floors. The cinema halls are of medium size with quite large screen and very good sound.



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