Best Italian Places to eat in Saint Petersburg (without spending too much money).

1.La Celletta

This Italian restaurant is situated in Fontanka 30 that is near the Summer Garden. It is open from 12.00 till 00.00. Once you’ve entered, you’ll immediately get to sunny Italy. The yellow-orange walls, beautiful photos of Italy (especially of the Marche region), small tables, Italian speech (as the owner and the cook are Italians, it’s a great chance that you’ll hear at least ciao), all this create a unique atmosphere.

La Celletta outside

As for the food, you can find a great variety of pizza, some salads and soups. They don’t have pasta. For desserts you can try their home made ice-cream and drink cup of coffee.

So to sum up, it’s a great place if you love and miss Italy or just get cold by wandering around Fontanka wishing that the wind stopped blowing so strong.

Pizza Parmigiana


2. Amarcord

Another fantastic Italian place is situated just in the center of Saint Petersburg, on Zhukovskaya street 4. Amarcord offers various pizza, pasta, soups and salads. They have very tasty coffee, so don’t forget to try it.

Amarcord outside

The atmosphere is very relaxing, in Italian ‘simple but Oh my God so beautiful style’. Prices are ok for a restaurant in the city center, however the portions are not that big.

When you go there, pay attention to the walls, there are plenty of funny expressions there, but in Italian. So you have two choices: first learn Italian and then go there or talk to nice waiters, they’ll definitely help you to translate them.

Amarcord inside


3.Caffe Italia

Caffe Italia is situated in Bakunina prospect 5. It’s one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the city.

Caffe Italia inside

Check their advantages: delicious food, great variety of dishes, enormous portions, very good price. Plus cozy atmosphere especially if you are on a couch. The only disadvantage is that if you come there at the evening especially on Friday, Saturday or Sunday there will be no seats. So ALWAYS book tables in advance.

Caffe Italia, some typical Italian food


You also might be happy to hear that Caffe Italia has a little Caffe where you can drink coffee and eat home made Italian Ice Cream that is  beautifully served with fruits and nuts.  The portions are always huuuge! The place is called Caffe Venezia and it is situated in Nevsky Prospect, 107. Tables are better to book in advance as well.

Caffe Venezia


4. Arancino

The last but not the least is Arancino that is situated in Malaya Konyushennaya street, 5. Opened not that long ago this place has already won the hearts of Italian food lovers. Prices are super economical and the food is good.

Arancino inside


The cook is an Italian who makes pizza on the open space kitchen, so sometimes you forget eating and just look at how the magic happens. During the summer it is possible to seat outside that is nice as Malaya Konyushennaya street is free of traffic and relatively calm taking into consideration that it’s a center of the city. The atmosphere is very nice, waitress are always friendly. They also have beautiful music that also makes you to forget about the food.

By the way, don’t forget to try Arancini that is a Sicilian dish that is practically stuffed rice balls. Very delicious.






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